Cannabis in United Arab Emirates (UAE)

weed in UAE

The popularity of the United Arab Emirates among guests and tourists from all over the world is growing every day. Tourists are warmly treated. Much has been done for making wonderful impressions and assuring their comfort.

The UAE is a strict Muslim country. Residents are expecting mutual respect and obeying the laws. Being in the country requires certain knowledge of the current legislation, which allows you to avoid many unpleasant excesses and problems. Residents and guests of the country should always remember that most of the normative and legislative acts provide for quite severe punishment for violations of Islamic customs and national Arab traditions.

Quite strict laws of the UAE provide for tough measures against offenders and can severely punish even minor offenses. That is why the overall crime rate in the United Arab Emirates is always minimal, making the country one of the safest in the world. Here, it is strictly forbidden to appear drunk on the streets and in public places. Such actions are considered insulting to human dignity. Failure to comply with this rule may cause a prison sentence or a significant fine.

The legal system very strictly monitors the sale of alcoholic beverages in the UAE. Alcohol is sold only in hotel complexes and in specialized establishments, bars, nightclubs and restaurants.

Strict laws of the UAE provide for criminal liability for the use and distribution of drugs, too. You can get jail time for simply agreeing to try a drug in a nightclub. Even for people from other countries, imprisonment and subsequent deportation and a fine of 10,000 dirhams are provided. These laws also apply to transit passengers who are not going to leave the airport.

weed in UAE

The United Arab Emirates is a Muslim state in which all life is subject to Sharia law. The strictness of the laws towards tourists can be traced throughout the history of the UAE and it is incredibly important to comply with the laws concerning alcohol and drugs.